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New features: PayPal, self service re-orders, internationalisation and more

November 2006, by stefan | 10 Comments – latest by Revital

Ah, my first post on the official blog.

Here at MOO HQ, we update the site and code pretty much every day. Since launch, we’ve actually made about over 300 bugfixes or minor improvements. But this week we rolled out a bunch of things that we’re very excited about, because they’re the features you’ve been requesting the most.

The biggies are:

You can now buy MiniCards with Paypal. Many, many people requested this as a payment method.
We’ve added an account page, where you can
track your current ordersre-order previous packs.
generally self-manage to your heart’s content.
Internationalisation. Our biggest bug when we launched was definitely not having the support we wanted for international character sets. This is now fixed, and we can print …Continue reading this article…

Life imitates art, Moocards imitate both.

November 2006, by Denise | 3 Comments – latest by Denise

We’re constantly amazed by the quality of the images people are using on their Flickr MiniCards. Beautifully crafted, imaginative photography covering everything from family and friends, to amazing locations, to nature at its very best.

We also like the pictures you take of your cards. One of our favourite trends has to be the Moocard with its original subject. We’ve tried and failed to think of a cool name for this, and an easy way to describe it, but really, its just better if you have a look yourself…

Pink Sherbet Photography

Living Juicy



Have you found a Golden Ticket?

November 2006, by Denise | 3 Comments – latest by Denise

When you buy a Skype 100 pack, there’s a chance you might get a ‘Golden ticket’. These are special tokens, which give you free SkypeOut minutes. They come in 5 colours:

Blue: 10 mins
Purple: 15 mins
Green: 20 mins
Orange: 30 mins
Gold: 60 mins

I know there are lots out there (I’ve seen them go!) but this is the first one I’ve seen a photo of

So – did you get one yet?

You MOOtiful people

November 2006, by Denise | Add a comment

Are these headlines getting too laboured now? You think? I hate to admit it, but you could be right. Anyway, the Moo-Flickr family are a caring sharing bunch. We just wish they lived a bit closer and could send us presents too. A while back Mylor posted in a Moo discussion group asking for help framing a 100 pack of Minicards for a friend of his.

He settled on a lovely transparent frame with a wood surround. Look:

Aside from that looking nice, we kind of liked the reaction from the lucky recipient, Rachel. We think she was pleased…

(Well we hope so, if not, it’s possible she bit Mylor’s arm off, but we don’t want to think …Continue reading this article…


November 2006, by Denise | 2 Comments – latest by Denise

When it comes to your Moo MiniCards, it’s starting to seem like the possibilities are endless. Artist John Ralston can think of at least 1,307,674,368,000 things you can do with them…

He’s created a polyorama with fifteen re-combinable cards, to create an ever changing landscape. If you get in touch with him, he might even make a set for you too.

There’s been some talk on Metafilter about this – with people talking about potential ideas of their own. We can’t wait to see more people expand on this, as MiniCards seem to be an ideal canvas. So, what theme will you use for yours?

Moofobs 2.0

November 2006, by Denise | 1 Comment – latest by Philip Campbell

Last week we spotted RedMum’s laminated key fobs, made with Moo MiniCards. This week, Danielle_blue has taken it one step further.

A sturdy frame, reminiscent of a stained glass window gives the cards a whole new feeling. A work of art, within a work of art. Have a read of Danielle’s instructions, and then think about what you could bribe her with, to make you one too…

Little helpers

November 2006, by Denise | 2 Comments – latest by Josep

Not content with having lovely pictures on your MiniCards, so many of you are taking fantastic pictures of your MiniCards. Today we’ll pay a special tribute to the little helpers out there, the glamorous assistants, of flesh and blood and plastic, who make your photos shine.

by muffinmc, with cards modelled by her beautiful daughter

by Krypto, supported by Monsters and friends

by unleashedlive, with a helpful Gumby

by Usako, modelled by a cute crosseyed friend

by HAPPYCHAN, and a MOOey delivery glove

by Trinamita, and lovely assistant

by image415, assisted by a very patient looking Maddie

by Spiffo, with Gumby, again – he’s such a busy fellow!

And finally, RobotJAM …Continue reading this article…

Moofobs – Moosters getting crafty

November 2006, by Denise | 1 Comment – latest by redmum

Got keys? Got a MOO Card? Then make yourself a ‘Moofob’. We’ve spotted you getting crafty over in the Flickr pool again. Not content with magnets alone, Redmum has made some cool, laminated keyfobs.

Read her handy step-by-step instructions to make keyfobs of your own. Catch up with suggestions and improvements on the Flickr thread.

Got other crafty uses for your cards? Then let us know.

What’s on your Skype cards?

November 2006, by Denise | 3 Comments – latest by llynix

Well, its been a frantic few weeks but its great to see all the little Skype MiniCards going out into the world and listening to your feedback. You’ve chosen to put a huge variety of stuff on the front – everything from the more serious and businesslike to the borderline insane… we just wish we could be there sometimes, to see the reactions you’re getting when you give them out.

We already know at least one person’s got a date from handing out a MiniCard – and it was a friend of the MOO Crew – are there more of you out there? From the amount of pickup lines on the cards, we really hope so! Let us know if you …Continue reading this article…

So, MOO me!

November 2006, by Denise | 4 Comments – latest by Tris

We’re loving the general conundrum of what to do with your cards… Some of you like them so much you want to keep them all to yourselves, while others are following the more traditional route of ‘give and thou shalt receive’.

There’s a little blackmarket trading going on with cards right now, over in the ‘moo me!’ group.

Send one of your cards out into the world and receive another in return. With 10,000 free packs out there and countless 100 packs, that’s a lot of mail before you collect the set!

But some of you like your cards way to much to give them up… and to be honest, with some of the amazing stuff we’ve seen, …Continue reading this article…

Super-user performs durability test

November 2006, by Denise | Add a comment

One of our younger, more scientifically minded customers has performed an interesting durability test on a MOO card. We’re extremely pleased to see we stand up well to being chewed and slavered over. We are also proud to note we’re more sturdy than your average business card in this situation. Thank you Alice, for your thorough testing.

Read Alice’s report here.

(We hope you actually get some dinner soon.)

Meet MOO’s CEO

November 2006, by Richard | 3 Comments – latest by Denise

Hello MOO

Skype MiniCards Around The World

November 2006, by Richard | 2 Comments – latest by Pangit Ster

We launched our MiniCards promotion with Skype on the 23rd October, and the free cards were all gone by the 25th. 100,000 cards in 3 days to 88 countries. Ping that!

It seems Skype users around the world have gone MiniCard crazy. Check out what some of them are doing with their cards in the MOO group on Flickr.

From doc18

yay more freebie (^_^)

From 1of@kind

mimicking the official moo ad!

From cowfish

Skype cards 1

From laihiu

moo/skype cards

From kengo


MOO launches with Skype

October 2006, by Richard | 9 Comments – latest by Robert

Skype MiniCards Box and Cards

Read more in the News section.

Fridge MOOgnets

October 2006, by Richard | 5 Comments – latest by jorge

Check out megpickard’s great MOO MiniCard mashup: fridge magnets. Awesome.

Moognets - 7: Cool

See more in the Flickr group

MOO launch Skype MiniCards

October 2006, by Richard | Add a comment

Skype MiniCards

Got Skype? Get Skype MiniCards! The newest, and simplest way to share Skype offline. For those that don’t already know (duh!), Skype is little piece of software that makes communicating with people around the world easy and fun. With Skype you can say hello or share a laugh with anyone, anywhere. And if both of you are on Skype, it’s free. No wonder it’s the world’s fastest growing internet communication offering. So there.

Skype MiniCards are great for sharing your Skype Name, SkypeIn Number, email, blog, IM, cellphone and other details. Like the good old Victorian calling card (only newer and, …Continue reading this article…

MOO on Camera

October 2006, by Richard | 3 Comments – latest by coralie


Check out Phil, a MOO first-timer, open his new cards live on

It’s just a shame he tears the wrap off, othewise, nice work Phil!

An amazing start for MOO.

October 2006, by Richard | 5 Comments – latest by Peter

MOO around the world

Since launching MiniCards with Flickr in September, MOO’s been busy spreading joy in miniature print form around the world. In just 4 short weeks MOO has produced more than half a million MiniCards for Flickr members in 86 countries. To put that in perspective, that’s enough cards to reach from the earth halfway up into the Stratosphere (nearly 24 miles up, to be precise). Here at MOO HQ, we’re all incredibly excited about this, and wonder if we’ll ever make it to the moon, only 23,726 miles to go.

Lots of Cards

Our free cards promotion was snapped up superquick: …Continue reading this article…

MOO on Metafilter

September 2006, by Richard | 4 Comments – latest by Dannie Jost

Join the debate on Metafilter

MOO on Lifehacker

September 2006, by Richard | 6 Comments – latest by Michael

Lifehacker spreads the word

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