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Simone Severo’s Portrait a Day

Last year, Simone Severo, a Colorado Springs Portrait Photographer, completed a year-long quest to photograph an interesting person each and every day for an entire year. Simone called it “Striving for Portrait Perfection”. The photographs are honest portraits that portray each subject’s personality and she plans to publish a book containing those 365 uniquely personal portraits and the stories behind them.

Simone, who was born and raised in Brazil, spent over fourteen hundred hours pursuing her 2015 quest for portrait perfection. That’s over four hours a day, seven days a week — come rain, hail, snow, or shine.

Portrait basketball player Simone Severo

Simone felt compelled to make everyone involved feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. One of her goals in this project was to connect with each of her subjects and share these stories in her book.

Simone Sever

We are loving her dedication to the project and her work looks great on our Luxe Business Cards too!

Discover more about Simone.

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