One pack, 50 possibilities. Confused? Read on…

50 Business Cards each with a different design.

Printfinity (yes, we made up a word) is our unique technology that allows you to print up to 50 different designs in each pack of Business Cards meaning you can present yourself in a different way every time. Here are some ways Printfinity can help you.

You’re a…Consultant

You’ve aced the art of networking, can spot a potential business opportunity within 50 feet and you’re able to deploy the perfectly tailored elevator pitch within seconds…. But what if your current cards don’t match your slick words? Fear not, with Printfinity you get to be 50 different identities in one pack of business cards. So whether it’s a coffee meeting or something a little more formal, it means you’ll always have the right card. Winner. Start making!

You’re a…Fashion Designer

You’ve made the final touches to your next collection and your focus is now less on hemlines and more on making headlines. You’ve locked in meetings with buyers, PRs and RSVP’d to the best parties and your lookbook is looking tight. You are on fire… But what about your business cards, are they as fresh as your latest collection? Printfinity let’s you choose up to 50 different designs in each pack of cards, which means you can replicate your lookbook, show your full palette and make the right impression every time. (They make a nice gift for all those buyers and PRs too). Now, make your cards and go strut your stuff.

You’re a…Photographer

You’ve returned home after spending the last few months capturing the spirit and street food of South America. The experience has fired you up and after editing your 3,571 shots down to your strongest pieces, your new portfolio is looking hotter than a chipotle chilli and you’ve secured some meetings in the next few weeks… But what about your business cards, do they reflect your latest work? Printfinity let’s you choose up to 50 different designs in each pack of cards, which means you can choose your best work from your travel portfolio (or wedding photography for that matter). Start making!

You’re an…Illustrator

You’ve ridden a wave of illustration briefs and you can’t churn out the drawings fast enough. But your contract is almost over and you’re back on the freelance hustle looking for your next gig. Your digital portfolio is bursting with stylish artwork, but with so many referrals made in person, are your business cards up to date? The way you present yourself needs to be as ‘visual’ as your thinking so why not try Printfinity? It let’s you choose up to 50 different designs so whether you choose to create a large collage or individual masterpieces, you’ll get people talking every time. Start making!

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