August 18, 2017

Here’s why Luxe premium paper gets all the looks

Got a big meeting, event or exhibition coming up and want to make heads turn? For an unforgettably premium card, choose Luxe, by MOO.

So you want to make a big impression, huh? Well, we’ve got just the paper for you – Luxe. Extra-thick and extra-fancy, made with four layers of Mohawk Superfine, it’s sure to make an instant connection.

These 3 entrepreneurs are using Luxe to grow their businesses in pretty cool ways! Get inspired by their designs and get to know the stories behind their businesses.  


Geo Heaven

Sarah Empson, Director of Geo Heaven is based in Yorkshire, UK – she creates beautifully unique, 3D printed, geometric jewellery. While the idea of jewellery inspired by geometric designs may not be new, the process of 3D printing is a new one. In the space of 4 months, Sarah created a product, branded her business and now sells her products online and in stores.

Sarah always knew she wanted to make geometric, 3D printed jewelry. She creates all of her designs using a CAD computer package: “my husband is a computer programmer, he taught me how to use the CAD package, allowing me to bring the designs I had in my head, to life. There’s a lot of maths involved to create perfect symmetry.”

“Each of my stockists have some of my Luxe Business Cards which they’ll hand out to people – everybody comments on the quality of the business cards as well as the coloured edge. I also use MOO’s Stickers to brand plain bags, and wrapping. I even pop a sticker onto the Jiffy bag when I post out the jewellery – I love the idea of my customers being hit with the brand as soon as they get the parcel.”


Puntuale Creative

Hailing from Turin, Italy, Silvia Virgillo – working under the name Puntuale Creative – makes gorgeously intricate illustrative designs, remarkably showcased in her Patternimals series. At a distance, these designs and colours grab the eye and on closer inspection, a repeating pattern of animals is revealed. Silvia works as a freelance graphic designer in editorial and branding design, after building up her experience in agencies.

  • Puntuale Creative's Luxe Postcards
  • Puntuale Creative's Luxe Postcards
  • Puntuale Creative's Luxe Postcards
  • Puntuale Creative's Luxe Postcards

Silvia made these cards to share with her clients, choosing our Luxe Postcards to give a feeling of permanence. She says: “I give my Postcards to potential clients. They’ve usually already seen a couple of my projects, so the primary goal is to show something surprising – it’s how I like to work. The Luxe paper is solid and substantial, so the cards aren’t perceived as something you’d take and then put aside.”

Get your work noticed with Luxe Postcards


Mr. Upside

Michiel Nagtegaal is a self-taught, Dutch visual artist working under the name of Mr. Upside. Alongside this, he runs his own freelance design business – Designia – specializing in UI and UX design, illustration and graphic and identity design. Before starting Designia in 2007, Michiel was working at online agency, Supershift that he co-founded. Seeking more creative freedom, he left the successful company to pursue his freelance design career.

Michiel has always had a passion for drawing and believes that art has the power to influence the energy levels of the viewer. He achieves this by using vibrant colors in his artworks. “I’ve always had a ‘thing’ for the bold lines seen in graffiti art and the rebellious ‘vibe’ of the skateboarding scene – I still find inspiration in those subcultures now. I’m also hugely inspired by contemporary artists such as, Takashi Murakami, Victor Ekpuk and Retna.”

On creating his #MOOcards, Michiel told us: “Printing your art is easy and cheap nowadays, but it can be hard to find quality paper stock. When I ordered my MOO sample pack, I was amazed by the luxurious packaging, the super-heavy paper used for the Luxe Postcards and the little creative details like the colored seam. It’s that little bit of extra effort, quality and service that clearly separates MOO from other online printers. I’ve gotten only positive reactions to my Postcards. I print my artwork on one side, and leave the other side blank so that I can write a personal note to accompany each artwork I sell. I also love Printfinity – it allows me to print a different design onto each card.”

Create pocket-sized prints of your artwork


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