February 7, 2017

Instagram inspiration – your MOOcards

We can’t get enough of your amazing designs – from production to retail, the MOO community is creative, inventive and more than a little bit brilliant.

This month, we wanted to share 3 studios we’ve been blown away by, from music to plants – with the stories behind their businesses and stunning designs.

Brooklyn Basement


Brooklyn Basement Records, an independent record label supporting acts in New York and Tennessee, was founded by independent artist Ron Pope and his manager Blair Clark. They launched the indie label in September of 2015 in, you guessed it, a basement in Brooklyn. And when their MOO cards arrived they said they finally felt official.

Blair explained: “When starting up a new business, it’s so important to have something on hand to give someone. We go to multiple industry networking events a month so our cards are key in establishing new relationships. We used a matte finish because we felt that it paired nicely with our label’s branding (classic, cool, and understated).”


“Email is obviously a big part of business these days, but I find that handing someone something physical after a nice conversation almost guarantees a follow up email the next day. Whereas doing the “I’ll email you right now” thing gets an instant read, and therefore takes it out of their inbox for the next day. Plus, it’s always great to show someone a peek into our brand and having such a great card featuring our logo makes people instantly intrigued with what we’re doing.”

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Pop Up Greens


We were green with envy over the gorgeous presentation of Molly Rhymer and Daniel Worlock’s store – a Los Angeles-based online shop specializing in hand-painted pots and the plants that live in them. They’ve put their beautiful designs on our business cards and postcards too, giving them the opportunity to include a hand-written note in some of their extra-special orders.


Molly explained: “I still love the concept of something tangible and holding a product in your hand. We just ordered “Thank You” cards from MOO to ship out to our online customers with each order. One side has our product images on it but is blank on the other side so we can hand write in a thank you to each customer for their order. I think there is something special in knowing someone spent the time to handwrite something for each order, it feels more personal and validates that each order is appreciated.”


“We love that with MOO we can choose multiple images to use on the backs of our business cards making each card unique. One side of our card is just an image and the other is just text. I like to think our cards could be thought of as something else other than a business card. We chose images we felt inspired by, and want others to draw inspiration from, to stick on your fridge or tack up on your wall.”

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Phalen Reed


We love the way Minneapolis-based designer Phalen Reed blends old-school classic typography with a bright palette and some seriously awesome icon sets too. We were so proud she chose us to show off the best of her new redesign – and we love the idea of having a call to action on your business cards too – they all read ‘tell me about your project’.


She said: “People know me best for my clean approach to design with bold color palettes and playful type combinations. I knew these were characteristics that needed to be incorporated into my new brand, especially my business cards, to attract like-minded clients. After all, it is the first, lasting impression!”


“I never leave the house without my business cards. They accompany me to meetings, interviews and all social events. As a freelance designer, you never know where your next client could turn up, so best to be prepared. I actually handed out a business card when walking my dogs around the neighborhood this past summer. The spot gloss finish is the way to go. I used it sparingly on both sides of my cards for a bigger impact on key details such as name, contact information and logo. Outlining my logo in the spot gloss on the back of the cards gave them that beautiful seal-like shine.”

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