Custom corporate gifts to try this season

Wondering what to put in your client gift basket? Try these custom corporate gift ideas.

Customized Water Bottle and Notebook.

The festive season’s a chance to connect with everyone who’s helped you over the year, and let them know they’re the best. A great way to do this is with a custom corporate gift basket. It lets you treat your clients and thank them properly.

But what do you put in it? For starters, here are just a few ideas.

Little treats

Everyone loves snacks – and your clients are no different. So sneak in a box of chocolates, some candy or any vaguely festive snack you can think of into the gift basket. And when you’re wrapping them up, add a branded Sticker to give it that “one off” curated feel. 

While you’re putting together your custom corporate gift sets, it’s also super easy to include a gift voucher. This can be as simple as a Postcard with all the discount details on it. Or for a more festive feel, use Gold or Silver Foil for the messaging.

Using Stickers to customize treats for your employees.

Cool gifts

The best kind of custom corporate gifts are things people actually use – and even more importantly, enjoy using. That’s what our custom Water Bottle is all about. It’s a gift that’ll be remembered long after the wrapping comes off. 

As well as customizing the bottle itself, Stickers (yes, them again) let you get creative with the packaging, too. So everyone knows the gift’s from you – which let’s face it, is the important bit.

Custom Business Cards that will wow your employees.

For the new year

Custom corporate gifts shouldn’t something to be unwrapped and forgotten about. They’re a chance to get people thinking about you, long after the unboxing. It’s an all-round more sustainable approach to gifting. 

Notebooks makes a great corporate gift.

Products like the custom Perpetual Planner and Notebook were designed with this in mind. The Planner’s undated, so your clients can use it whenever they like. And the Notebook lets you wrap a belly band around it – so you can personalize every copy, keeping a more timeless design for the book itself. 

A big thanks

Of course, custom corporate gift sets are mostly a way to say “thank you”. So whatever you’re gifting, big or small, always include a note of gratitude. This could be a Greeting Card signed by all your team. Or a simple Postcard with a nice big “Thanks!” on it. 

Customized Notecard and envelope being held by person.

The thing is to make it feel personal. And with Printfinity, that’s easy to do – because you can print a different message on every card in a pack. But of course, nothing beats a handwritten message. 

Planning to send some custom corporate gifts of your own? Our turnaround time for custom gifts is around three weeks, so do get started early to beat the rush. You’ll find our full range of branded products here. For more information, simply fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch. 

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