4 reasons to switch to Eco paper for your business leaflets

Quality eco paper that’s easy on your wallet, easier on the environment.

Eco paper Postcards being held by employee.

Here’s the situation, you need flyers or business leaflets. But it’s expensive. You want to save money and do your bit for the environment because of course you do. But the world just doesn’t make it easy. 

More often than not these days ‘eco’ means more ecologically friendly, less economically forgiving. Not so with MOO’s new, affordable bulk print paper, Eco

Ready to hear a little more? Let’s break it down.

1. It’s cheaper. In fact it’s our best value paper

Eco paper flyers are perfect for bulk ordering.

When you switch to Eco promotional print for flyers, leaflets or even Business Cards you gain access to our most affordable bulk print paper at our best value. Without sacrificing on quality. 

But how do we do it? 

By printing in bulk, in four popular but specific sizes, we’re actually able to manufacture more efficiently so – unlike other sustainable options – we can now match cost-effectiveness with the same super sharp print quality you expect. 

2. It looks amazing. But don’t tale our word for it.

We could tell you all about how good looking (and feeling) Eco is. And how we never compromise on high quality printed promotional products. But it’s probably easier if we let our happy customers do the talking. 

“We’re in love!! I didn’t expect the quality to be as good as the more expensive cards but I honestly find the look and feel more vibrant and visually appealing.”

Laura Beohner at The Healing Rose 

3. It’s oh-so sustainable

Ever heard of a closed recycling loop? No, it’s not a time travel thing. It’s when a product – like Eco – is manufactured entirely from ‘post-consumer waste’. Which is a fancy way of saying ‘used paper’. And it’s also 100% recyclable. Which allows us to keep reusing that paper over and again

So it’s better for the planet, your wallet, and prints perfectly. Sustainability, affordability, quality. That’s a win-win-win.

4. It helps you bring your brand’s values to life

Our Eco paper is manufactured entirely from ‘post-consumer waste

Let’s face it. A lot of businesses make promises about value for money and sustainability. It’s what your customers expect. But circumstances often conspire and the two just won’t go hand in hand for your brand. 

Switching to Eco allows you to live those values in real time. Better yet, it’ll help you pass on savings to drive repeat business. Or you know, whatever, just keep the extra cash, it’s really none of our business so long as you’re loving your new Eco business leaflets, flyers or cards.

5. You get MOO business service support

MOO design service is available to help you with all things eco.

Every Eco order on all printed promotional products automatically qualifies you for the golden ticket at MOO – our dedicated business service support. You’ll get a friendly MOO account manager ready to help you with your every design whim and technical support request; making life easy, and ordering even easier.

Ready to get started with Eco? Simply fill in our form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss your project in detail. 

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