August 17, 2016

What’s your 6 to 11?

Each day, millions of people go beyond 9 to 5. While the rest of us are kicking back, the 6 to 11 gang spend their evenings pursuing a second career – designing, making, coding or baking their way to success. And for some of these home-time heroes, what begins as a hobby eventually becomes the new day job.

It was time to turn my passion into my full-time gig.

“While working for a media company, I realized that my true passion was building brands from the ground up. It wasn’t until we started PINTRILL that things started to click into place. When we launched, I was still working at my full-time job and continued to do so for the next year and a half until I reached a “make it or break it” point. By then, the decision was easy – it was time to turn my passion into my full-time gig.” – Andrew Yung, Co-founder, Head of Marketing and Partnerships, PINTRILL.

And it’s not just Andrew who’s blazing the 6 to 11 trail. Natalie James founder of NJinLA, Cesar Vega owner of Cafè Integral, Kathryn Minshew founder of The Muse and Elana Reinholtz founder of Bird + Stone have all built solid businesses outside their regular jobs.

90% of people say career satisfaction contributes to personal happiness

It goes beyond commercial success too. 90% of people say career satisfaction contributes to personal happiness, so committing to a hobby can be a way to get us all feeling a little more zen.

If you’re yet to discover your second career, don’t worry, we’ve created a short quiz to inspire you. So whether your next chapter sees you becoming a writer or you work out to be a fitness instructor, find your 6 to 11 with us.


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