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Tap into the future with Paper+

Explore our NFC enabled stationery range

Paper+ is amazing - and here's why!

Paper+ is our range of game-changing NFC enabled business stationery, starting with our flagship product, Business Cards+.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication technology. We’ve created an NFC chip so small it’s practically invisible inside your cards (but it’s there – you can actually feel it!).

You can apply and reapply different Actions to your NFC cards, like sharing a playlist, or your new app – all in one tap against an NFC-enabled smartphone. It’s an exciting new way to connect digitally and expand your business network instantly.

In time, we’ll be offering more NFC-enabled products, but for now, why not explore the possibilities of our powered-up Business Cards+.

Paper+ lasts forever*

When you log into Manage Paper+, you can change your Actions at any time, and as many times as you like. You can also see how many taps your cards receive, and learn how many people are interacting with your information in real time.

*Unless you wash it - so don't!

What can Paper+ do?

We’ve created a selection of Actions that you can program (and change whenever you like) to your cards. These Actions make it super easy to connect people to your business, your portfolio, or even a cat GIF, if that’s your thing.

  • Make a Digital Business Card

    Tap to quickly call, message or save contact details

  • Add a Website Link

    Share your website, portfolio, online event invite and more

  • Connect your social networks

    All your online profiles, all together, all on tap

  • Promote your app

    Share your Google Play download instantly

Look who's joined the Paper+ revolution!

Below, you’ll find a list of awesome brands that have joined forces with us to create some more quick Actions:

  • Share your playlist

    Via Spotify, the modern "I made you a mixtape"

  • Network on LinkedIn

    Expand your professional network with on-tap connections

  • Video chat with

    Group video conversation invite on tap

  • Navigate with Citymapper

    Wheres's the party? Tap to find the directions

Makers! Tap into the Internet of Things

We'd love you to have a tinker and make your own bespoke Actions outside the MOO platform. Create original Actions recipes using IFTTT.

  • The MOO API

    Coming soon...

  • Trigger an IFTTT recipe

    Like going off piste? Create your own Action by plugging into IFTTT

Business Cards+

With NFC technology

We picked the best paper for our flagship Paper+ product, which is why Business Cards+ are made exclusively with Conqueror® Alive from Arjowiggins. It’s perfect for creating connected, printed products.

Find out about Business Cards+