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We’ve been excited by graphic designer Georgie Lowry ever since she entered our consistent branding competition in January. The self-confessed typography geek (who also has a degree in Mathematics!) produces eye-catching design for clients in the charity sector including Comic Relief and Save the Children. Georgie uses design to solve a whole range of challenges: from layouts to logos, infographics to identities and data visualisation. With such a wide range of services all falling under her graphic design umbrella, Georgie wanted a unique suite of stationery that showcased her skills and playful personality, all at once. We loved her humorous Business Card designs and couldn’t wait to see how creative she’d get with our new Letterhead!

Building curiosity

When it came to designing her Letterhead, Georgie used three key colours from her website colour palette - pink, teal and green - to create a content-based colour scheme. Each colour is assigned to a particular client communication: teal for invoices, pink for proposals and green for cover letters. Using Printfinity, the reverse of each Letterhead is printed in full colour and coupled with teasing light-hearted copy to build intrigue about the content. “The idea would be to fold my Letterhead down to a smaller size and stuff them in the envelopes so that the message is the first thing people see when they pull out the letter.”

Professional confessional

Georgie also used Printfinity on her Business Cards so that she could tailor them to a specific project. Using 10 different designs, she showcased a special skill and passion relevant to a task or job, giving her the flexibility to pick and choose who to hand each card to. In bold 3D typography, she communicated her skills and interests through comical and confessional messaging. “I wanted to find a way that I could describe my everyday tasks, passions and specialisms to people - to convey a sense of fun but also reflect my expertise in particular areas.” Her tongue-in-cheek confessions, which include ‘Number Nerd’, ‘Obsessive Compulsive Designer’ and ‘Word Wizard’, are also set against her bright colour palette.

Printfinity at its best

By giving Georgie the option to print a different image on every Business Card and Letterhead, she can showcase her skills to individual clients and create a new, fun way to communicate with them. Her suite of unique designs conveys her playful and creative personality along with her professional expertise all at once, in an eye-catching way. With such a range of different designs across her products, Georgie maintains consistency by using the same bright colours and bold typography, which really create an impact.

Why not show off your skills and personality in the same way? Try Printfinity and personalise your set of Letterheads.

Written on:
06 Nov 2014
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