Two is better than one

Who doesn’t love a wedding? There’s the ceremony, the invariably funny speech made by the best man, the first dance and not to mention, all the cake!

Still Love wedding photographers - and husband and wife team - Glenn Weaver and Lauren Jayne Hall love weddings too, and they’ve developed their own (very popular) style for shooting the beloved couple. “We’re predominately candid photographers. We avoid traditional poses and are keen that the couple don’t notice us snapping away. It remains all about the bride and groom, the awesome moments, and never turns into a ‘photo shoot’,” says Glenn.

Candid camera

Honing in on their style of photography has helped Glenn and Lauren focus their brand’s direction and objectives – like targeting 'the creative, non-bridal bride’ and promoting their work on blogs that share a similar style. “You book what you show, so we try to stay away from any ‘typical’ shots,” says Glenn. “We want a bride and groom that don’t want your run-of-the-mill wedding and prefer to do things their own way on their day.”

Glenn and Lauren also chose Luxe products for all their promotional materials as they wanted all elements of their brand to share that unique, special quality of their wedding photographs. “We went to the MOO Shop in Shoreditch on our honeymoon and switched over to Luxe right away,” says Glenn. “Our clients spend a fair amount of money on their wedding so we wanted our products to feel as special as their wedding photos.”

They find they use Notecards the most – at wedding fairs, as handwritten thank yous, to instruct their clients how to print their images or for ‘What’s in the Box’ notes when they deliver their images. Each time Glenn and Lauren do something extra, like send a bag of popcorn along with their client’s prints. “We just brand anything we send to people so they hopefully get excited when they see it’s an unexpected parcel from us,” adds Glenn.

Including aspects of their personality in their branding has always been a priority for Still Love and Lauren’s sister, an illustrator and tattoo artist, designed their logo - a fun illustration of the working couple, which they then used as the image for their Stickers. “Even though it’s just one piece of a very big branding puzzle, seeing a logo that you connect with (or don’t connect with) can make a big difference,” finds Glenn.

Animal instinct

Using Printfinity, Glenn and Lauren combined their other passion – animals - on their Notecards and Business Cards too. “We pretty much only show pictures of animals we’ve taken on our travels. We’re crazy about all creatures, especially cats, so we really want to establish that in our brand. We’d like our cards to show who we are as people rather than just photos of weddings,” says Glenn. Beyond just an interest, they donate 5% of their income to a local animal welfare agency and find that a lot of their clients, as a result of their animal-centric Notecards, are animal lovers as well. “We want to be booking the kind of people that we’d love to hang out with, especially on their wedding day, so yes, they need to be crazy, animal lovers too,” says Glenn.

Count us in - we love animals here at MOO too. Especially pugs!

Want to highlight your personality with your promotional materials like Glenn and Lauren? Make a start today with our Luxe Notecards and Business Cards.

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