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  • By The MOO Crew
  • 20 Jun 2013

How to…photograph your products

One of the most important things when selling online is making sure that your website images are sharp, crystal clear and show off whatever you’re selling to it’s absolute best advantage. And you’ll also use the same images in your press packages, business cards, look books and more, so they need to sell themselves as hard as they can.

Obviously, in an ideal world, you’d hire a product photographer to work their magic. But while many startups have funding for that sort of thing, others are just individuals working from their homes, with barely enough in the money pot for a coffee.

That’s why we tapped into our creative pool here at MOO, to bring you a DIY guide to product photography. We’ll show you how to get the lighting right, what household items you can re-appropriate for background, how to avoid over and underexposure, and a handful of other easy-to-avoid pitfalls of basic photography.

All you need is a camera, a keen eye for instruction and a little bit of time (because nobody gets it perfect straight away!) - and you’ll be churning out picture perfect product portfolio mages in no time.

Click your way to perfect DIY photos

  • How to with MOO - Product photography on a budget

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