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If collaborative working is your thing, there are funkier ways to let people know than a handshake followed by “I like to work collaboratively. You?”. Instead, say it with these witty, we’re-all-in-this-together Business Cards, designed exclusively for MOO by award winning author Gapingvoid. They juxtapose dark-edged cartoons with a message of openness, perfect for charity workers, environmentalists and anyone trying to make a community change.

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About the designer

Hugh MacLeod (@gapingvoid) has published three books, including Ignore Everybody, a Wall Street Journal best seller. His blog gapingvoid was one of the very first blogs, listed often as one of the hundred most popular in the world. Born in Worcester, Massachussets, MacLeod spent his formative years in Scotland, where he claims to have acquired his acerbic wit and keen intuition for what makes people tick. He began drawing cartoons in his teens, later popularized on the back of business cards, and today MacLeod’s work hangs in the collections of major corporations around the world including Intel, HP, SAP and several others. gapingvoid ltd works with companies around the world helping them define and articulate cultures, transform work spaces, and create marketing campaigns.

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