Bubbly New Year


Call it the spirit of New Year, call it an alignment of the planets, but there's something effervescent and sparkling about this design that is just dying to be released, preferably with a loud pop.

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I've taken two of the principal visual aspects of a glass of champagne – the triangular shape of the glass and the floating bubbles, and arranged them in a different way, using subtle monochrome and stark minimalism. There's something undeniably fizzy going on, it's just that it doesn't need to be expressed in a riot of colour.

About the designer

Freelance designer Sam Stephens grew up in Manchester and studied at Kingston University. Since then, he's done the rounds of London's design studios and worked with clients ranging from the FTSE 100 to independent art fairs and charitable foundations, picking up awards from D&AD, Graphis and the Jerwood Foundation along the way.

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