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Intricate dotted lines create a blind, inkless diamond pattern texture around your digitally printed details – the result is a subtle texture reminiscent of decadent fabric.

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Letterpress is a very traditional form of printing, so I wanted to try and create a design that would reflect this heritage. The fine dotted lines show how precise and intricate the process can be, while hinting at a luxurious fabric or menswear piece.

About the designer

Jack Newman is MOO’s Lead Graphic Designer. After graduating from Central St. Martin’s with First Class Honours in Graphic Design, Jack was snapped up by 4Creative, where he led advertising campaigns for Channel 4 shows including Big Brother and Black Mirror. Jack’s proudest moment was driving past his first billboard campaign for documentary The Family, displayed on the side of the M25. The world of design excites him because of its power to change the way a company is perceived, sometimes in just one image.

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