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A linear letterpressed design featuring our Arctic Blue ink adds a cool, striped pattern to your card – it’s perfect for framing your digitally printed initials!

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I wanted to create a highly geometric design in our Arctic Blue ink that would feel modern and refined - the idea was to create a small frame that the line texture wouldn’t break. It allows you to play with positive and negative relief.

About the designer

Millie Davies is MOO’s Lead Graphic Designer, and graduated in 2010 from Brighton University with First Class Honours in Graphic Design. A four month placement in New York at global design agency 2x4 helped fuel Millie’s creativity, which she’s put to work to design a variety of products from Barclays debit cards, to the guidebook and signage for the London Design Festival. Millie loves design because of its ability to help people, and make a positive difference to their lives.

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