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Business Cards for Journalists, freelance writers, editors, copywriters, bloggers and novelists don’t have to have a way with words – in fact, you can cut out the text altogether! These vintage typewriters are an eye-catching way to sell your wares without saying a thing.

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There's nothing romantic about typing on a Mac or PC! I love vintage typewriters my inspirations here were the 1936 Seidel & Naumann from Germany and a 1970's Maritsa 22 typewriter from Bulgaria (to be exact!) I put the keys in bold colours and on the reverse, used a traditional retro typeface.

About the designer

Chris Baron graduated with a BA in Multimedia Design in 2005 from Southampton University, UK. He has worked in various creative fields within packaging, print and film, including projects for the BBC and Guerilla Creative Production. He draws inspiration from the urban landscape as well as design pioneers like Saul Bass.

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