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Use Elements Wisely

For best results, follow these essential guidelines.

Gold Foil

Treat the Foil as its own color that will print on top of the rest of your design, obscuring anything beneath. Foil should take a different shape than any of the artwork below it to prevent a messy halo effect.

Spot Gloss and Raised Gloss

Think of Gloss as an enhancement to the existing colors of your main design file. The exception to this rule would be if you’re adding a gloss design over a dark, solid color.

Check your artwork

Printing with Elements is a unique challenge, so make sure it meets these requirements.



Keep all text at 10pt or higher.



Sharp lines need to be at 1pt or thicker.



Make artwork a vector PDF, photographs at 300dpi or higher and file size a maximum of 25Mb.



No need! We automatically add them in exactly the right place.

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