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Read below what we’re doing to support our teams and our customers

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In these difficult times, we’re all thinking about the safety of our loved ones. So while our products may fall some way down the list of essential supplies right now, we’ve been heartened by the questions we’ve received from you, our MOO community – “Are you open?”, “Are you safe?”, “How’s the team?”. Thank you, it means a lot.

Firstly, yes, we are still open for business. Our customers are using MOO products in new ways and we want to support them through this. We want to stay relevant and helpful and we’re doing all we can to do that safely. We’ve brought in a range of new ways of working based on expert guidance. These include: 

  • Updated manufacturing shifts, so there’s extra time for cleaning and handwashing.

  • Practicing social distancing – we’ve said goodbye to high-fives and hello to strict six-feet rules.

  • Providing daily, individually wrapped meals to keep our manufacturing team well-fed and healthy.

  • And supporting our people who have fallen ill or have family members showing symptoms.

Of course, we will adapt if the situation changes – we’ve got plans already in place if any further restrictions are added that would impact our ability to keep our manufacturing sites running. 

On a (slightly) more positive note, our suppliers remain relatively unaffected and all our other teams are able to work remotely. So we’re here to help you if you want to know more. You can call our Customer Service team directly, through, or find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Our ultimate goal is to keep all of our teams safe and well and to keep providing you with the same service and expertise you know and expect from us. 

These are really difficult times for everyone. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

All of us at MOO

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