Do it for love! Curtis Kulig-designed Business Cards have landed

What are the 2 little words you most want to hear? Now you can carry them with you everywhere – meet our newest collaboration!

You might have spotted the New York artist’s two-word ‘Love Me’ manifesto everywhere from Paris to Istanbul, in collaborations with DKNY, Nike, Pendleton and more. And now he’s teamed up with MOO to put a networking slant on this series. The result? A covetable set of limited edition Business Cards.

Art is firmly rooted in Curtis’ heritage. His uncle is a painter, his father owned a screen printing shop and his brother is a tattoo artist. “I think no one thought it was strange to be an artist in my family” he explains. As well as his artistic family, a move to Los Angeles at the age of 19 opened his eyes to artistic possibilities. And putting them into practice meant taking a few little risks – a tactic that’s served him well ever since: “I would love to say I have a grand plan but the truth is I just keep creating and putting things out there and it’s serving me really well.”

Curtis’ signature ‘Love Me’ campaign is recognized worldwide. You’ll find it appearing on canvas, in metal sculpture, fluid neon, stuck to lampposts in New York City and sprawled on billboards in large-scale collaborations with brands like DNKY and Nike. This two-word manifesto has now become an artistic icon.

We asked him where it began: “It was something I wrote when I was a teenager but I really began putting it out in the world in 2005. Now, more than 10 years later it kind of has a life of its own. For me, it’s the movement of writing the words that I enjoy the most. To the viewer, it’s more the literal meaning of the words. At this point, I like to see how it inspires or affects other people”.

This broad application comes from broad inspiration – he’s influenced by Mark Gonzales, boxing, fiddle fig trees, Cuba in the 1950s, Louis Armstrong, Hermes plates, and Goddard movies. Check out the Pinterest board to see more of this sparkling visual palette.

So, what about his latest collaboration with MOO? Curtis tells us, “this collab is really fun. Essentially I restructured my classic Me along with script sentiments that I think every creative entrepreneur can relate to.

From the casual ‘email me’ to the bold ‘pay me’, it gives a bit of range so you can adapt it according to who you’re meeting with”.

Curtis is an entrepreneur – so much of what he does is focused around finding smart, creative solutions. He adds, “I like MOO because it lets you market yourself in a professional and creative way that’s uniquely your own.”

So, for an artist who puts no limits on his influence or output – what’s his focus now? Two sides of a tactile coin – first up, oil painting, and second, more surprisingly, he’s working with a foundry on a huge, heavy, sculpture series – really different to the pieces he’s worked on before.

Alongside this, he’s working on a short film. After previously getting involved with the Tribeca film festival by donating artwork as a prize, Curtis’ hoping to enter into it as a director next year. We’re super excited to see what comes next – one thing’s for sure, we know we’ll love it.

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