November 3, 2017

Build your brand with our Cotton Business Cards

Looking for a recycled Business Card with a super-cool story? We’ve got your back. Our brand-new Cotton Business Cards are made with 100% cotton — offcuts from the t-shirt industry. And now, your business can order Cotton Business Cards from the MOO Business Services platform, so your brand can look good while it does good.

How did the paper come about? Well, we’re glad you asked. We spoke with our paper partners at Mohawk about the development of our tree-free Cotton Business Cards.

Cotton Business Cards for MOO Business Services Customers

A new take on an old paper

Since working together to develop Luxe Paper, MOO and Mohawk began exploring new ways to make old papers. “We discovered that cotton fiber was widely available, which is something that has been used for centuries to make paper,” Mohawk’s Chris Harrold explains. And what better place to start looking for cotton rag fiber than the T-shirt industry. Not many manufacturers are using textile scraps to make paper, so Mohawk looked to older methods to produce the new paper. “MOO had the appetite to try T-shirt cotton as a new way to make beautiful, premium paper—with a story,” Harrold says. “That’s where the project was born.”

“The touch of the paper has an immediate connection to the story behind it. A product like Cotton paper is invariably, without a doubt, a total conversation starter.”

Quality you can feel

For over a year, MOO and Mohawk explored old techniques of using cotton textile scraps from to make paper. “We found the right technique to process those scraps and turn them into something that would be useful on a paper machine,” Harrold recollects. “The objective was to find a sheet of paper that felt like beautiful cotton fiber, which is known for being the highest quality material for making paper.”

Cotton Business Cards for MOO Business Services

But the paper is not only premium, it is completely recycled. “We took the bits of the fabric that never made it into a t-shirt and turned it into a super-high quality paper,” MOO’s CEO Richard Moross explains. “It has a completely different tactile experience when you hold the paper.”

A conversation starter

The result? An undeniably unique texture. Says Harrold, “by touching the paper, you immediately know it’s something different—it doesn’t quite feel like a t-shirt, but there’s a connection to the material.” Made from 100% recycled T-shirt scraps, Cotton paper will help your brand make a memorable introduction that looks good while you do good. “The touch of the paper has an immediate connection to the story behind it. A product like Cotton paper is invariably, without a doubt, a total conversation starter.”

Want to try Cotton for your brand’s Business Cards? Reach out to your Account Manager, or fill out the form here and we’ll be in touch.


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