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Bright business with Light and Lotus

The Light and Lotus business cards laid flat

We’re on a mission to find out about your latest projects, dreams and business schemes. So we met with Light and Lotus, a brand making brightly colored, meaningful jewelery with heart. They added a lot of feeling to their Super Square Business Cards too by using our Soft Touch finish.

Don’t just see it, feel it

Light and Lotus is on a mission to inspire us. From their base in Boston, Jessica Sage designs beautiful jewelery that’s made by hand in the United States. She takes a spiritual approach to her business and believes that the jewelery we wear serves as a symbol to remind and inspire you. Their original approach to business starts with their brand name, “In times of hardship we can recall the lotus to remind us that we will soon come out on the other side stronger and more beautiful. The word light symbolizes what many of us are searching for on our journey- peace, meaning, love, freedom”.

Light and Lotus Super Square Business Cards in a box

This spirit is behind everything they do, and they say each piece is infused with love and positive energy. “It’s important for us as a brand to make a connection with our customers, it’s about how they feel”. Their collection of beaded bracelets and other beautiful creations also supports animals with ten percent of their profits going to the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

Light and Lotus aim to offer their customers a multi-sensory experience with their products and they have applied the same thinking to unique Super Square Business Cards on our Soft Touch finish.

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