The board hoard: prints we kept hold on to (and why)

We asked MOOsters how prints make it to the cork board. And we weren’t disappointed.

Mosaic of print products on a cork board including a Paradise Palms postcard and various business cards

It’s no secret: here at MOO, we love print. We love it so much, actually, that we can’t let it go. And you do too, based on our recent survey. In fact, 63% of you said you’d already kept a promotional print product. So we asked ourselves how prints make it to the cork board – or wherever we end up keeping them.

We spoke to MOOsters about print materials they held on to and why. And we weren’t disappointed.

Family heirloom

This story from John Davis, manufacturing workflow technician in Lincoln, knocked our socks off. 

“Five years ago, I inherited four boxes of business cards from my great uncle, Mr John T Davis. The business cards were printed in 1931 using a letterpress and slip sheeted.” He keeps them in the original boxes, nested inside his sock drawer as a precious family treasure.

“We share the same name”

Beyond the thrill of getting these 90+ years old cards, John had a nice Back to the Future experience as his great uncle and him share the same name. His favorite part? “Its simplicity and elegance. It’s just a name, nothing more. Simple, uncluttered and classical.” 

Mr John Davis vintage business card on a cork board

A piece of home

Originally from Scotland, Helen Daglish is our social media manager in London. She keeps a promotional postcard from Edinburgh bar Paradise Palms displayed on her fridge. “It’s from one of my favorite bars in Edinburgh I went to during uni. It’s a little reminder of home and makes me feel nostalgic.“

“It’s a little reminder of home”

Helen has kept this piece of home for about four years. Aside from being a nice reminder of Edinburgh, it doesn’t hurt that it also looks great. “I love the tropical design, it looks great on my fridge!”

Paradise Palms postcard on a cork board

Arty collection

Laëti Soubrier, content marketing associate in London, is big on illustration. Everytime she finds a nice artist business card, be it in an Etsy parcel, an art fair, or an exhibition, she adds it to her ever-growing collection. “I love creating a mini gallery for myself. I keep most of them on a grid mesh display in my home office and it makes me happy seeing them when I look up.”

“I love creating a mini gallery for myself”

Laëti started her collection when she moved to London four years ago and she’s never looked back since. “I want to honour the work artists put into creating a great design to promote their art. It’s also always fun to spot MOO products when I add a new card to my collection!”

Travel keepsake

Phil Bailey is a senior graphic designer in London – you might have already spotted his expert advice on the blog. He brought this postcard back from Zürich where the minimalist, colorful design caught his eye at The Museum of Design. “I know nothing of the Homeostética movement per se, I just liked the graphic.”

“It reminds me of a great trip to Zürich, the last holiday pre lockdown”

Phil understands the power of great design – even if the meaning escaped him. “I kept it purely because I like the simplicity of the design and the bold colors. I didn’t understand what the word means and I still don’t (even after a quick Google search)”. Phil kept the postcard on his peg board for a while, before moving it to the safety of a box since moving home during the pandemic. “It reminds me of a great trip to Zürich, the last holiday pre lockdown. *sob*”

Homeostética postcard from a design museum on a cork board

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