Stay safe and sustainable, with custom face masks

Our custom face masks help keep your branding consistent. But they also show you care.

Colorful custom paper face masks that are both recycled and recyclable

We’ve used our paper expertise to create a more sustainable single-use custom face mask

Unique paper design, for these unique times

We all know by now that wearing a face mask is a simple way for every shopper, customer or office worker to help stop the spread of COVID-19. However, it’s also led to a huge increase in plastic waste ending up in landfills and oceans. Our team looked at the needs of businesses and customers alike and set about creating a more sustainable single-use option. And now it’s here.

The design takes inspiration from the Japanese art of kirigami (a skillful paper folding and cutting technique). This ensures that our Paper Face Mask covers the nose and mouth comfortably and securely, while adapting to all kinds of adult faces. And, because it’s been designed with businesses that require some face-to-face interaction in mind, we’ve also made sure you can be heard clearly while wearing it – say goodbye to those muffled mask conversations (yes, we’ve all been there).

woman wearing an orange custom face mask made of recycled paper

Tested. And then tested. And tested again.

Research shows that the Paper Face Mask is just as effective as a single-use plastic mask. So you won’t be compromising on safety. Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) tested it against a disposable plastic mask and found both masks reduced the amount of droplets expelled in a forward direction, compared to not wearing a face covering. Based on the use of relative pixel brightness as a proxy for the measurement of droplets, results from RIT indicate similar levels of droplet expulsion for the Paper Face Mask and a disposable plastic face covering. (You can read all about the tests here)

Personalized masks to match your brand

With a fully customizable front, you can feature your brand logo, designs, or anything you want on your custom masks. The only limit is your imagination.

Recyclable blue paper face masks with a custom print

Recycled AND recyclable

Unlike most single use masks, ours are 100% recycled AND recyclable. No additional glue or elastics is used, only recycled paper. Our single-use, lightweight face coverings are die cut from a single sheet of Mohawk’s recycled Cotton paper (110lb, 18pt). Plus, every custom mask is made, printed, and packed in the USA. Did someone say eco-friendly?

Detail of a custom paper face mask with brand logo

A reminder…

Please remember that our face mask is not a medical-grade mask, or item of personal protective equipment (PPE). Wearing one is an added measure, not a replacement for any other rules – so please keep washing those hands, keeping your distance and following the appropriate guidelines. 

Look after customers, colleagues, and the planet too with custom face masks.

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