Three Raised Spot Gloss Business cards in various sizes and corners
Free full-color printing
Free full-color printing

Print full color on both sides of your business cards.

Raised Spot Gloss Business Cards

18pt Super paper, Soft Touch finish

50 cards from CDN$ 58.00

Ultra shiny AND touchy feely

Sooooo tactile. Our raised spot UV finish brings even the unprinted parts of your design to life. With shininess so thick, you can feel it. And the velvety finish of the Super paper means Raised Spot Gloss Business Cards really shine.

  • 18pt Super paper stock
  • Soft Touch finish
  • Raised Spot Gloss, wherever you want it
  • Choose rounded or square corners
  • Add gloss to both sides, at no extra cost
  • Print a different design on every card, free!
  • Available in Standard, MOO and Square sizes

Choose your size

Choose your paper

Choose your coating

Choose your finish

Choose your corners

Choose your special finish

Quantity Price per card Pack price
50 CDN$ 1.16 CDN$ 58.00
100 CDN$ 1.16 CDN$ 116.00
150 CDN$ 1.16 CDN$ 174.00
200 CDN$ 1.02 CDN$ 204.00
400 CDN$ 0.88 CDN$ 350.00
600 CDN$ 0.73 CDN$ 438.00
800 CDN$ 0.73 CDN$ 585.00
1000 CDN$ 0.67 CDN$ 672.00
1200 CDN$ 0.67 CDN$ 805.00
1600 CDN$ 0.67 CDN$ 1074.00
2000 CDN$ 0.67 CDN$ 1341.00
3000 CDN$ 0.67 CDN$ 2011.00
4000 CDN$ 0.67 CDN$ 2681.00
5000 CDN$ 0.67 CDN$ 3352.00
6000 CDN$ 0.67 CDN$ 4022.00
8000 CDN$ 0.67 CDN$ 5363.00
For more pricing info, see our Shipping and Cost Calculator.
Free full-color printing
Free full-color printing

Print full color on both sides of your business cards.

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8 Raised Spot UV Business Cards in various sizes, shapes and designs on gray background

Looking for inspiration?

Check out our easy-to-customise glossy business card design templates. Just add your logo, images and text, and you're ready to roll.

Raised Spot UV inspiration

Check out these amazing designs, printed to life by our creative community.

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FAQs – Raised Spot Gloss Business Cards

What is raised spot UV (or Raised Spot Gloss)?

Raised Spot Gloss is a design element that’s applied to the top of your cards. It highlights selected parts, adding an extra layer of elevated, shiny smooth gloss.

What’s the difference between raised spot UV and spot UV?

Raised spot UV is a more dramatic, elevated clear coating that highlights things visually AND physically. Spot UV coating is more subtle, but still very shiny.

What papers stocks is raised spot UV available on?

MOO's raised spot UV (Raised Spot Gloss) is currently available on our 18pt Super paper with a Soft Touch finish. 

What if I’m not 100% happy with how my raised spot UV Business Cards look?

If you're not totally happy, we’ll reprint your order for free. So you can’t go wrong.

How fast can I get my Raised Spot Gloss Business Cards delivered?

Delivery can be as fast as 6 business days for these tactile, shiny Business Cards.

How should I prepare my raised spot UV design files?

You'll need 2 files: one for the background and one for the spot UV finish. Or just use our Raised Spot Gloss design templates.

What format should I use for my Raised Spot Gloss design files?

•        PDF only
•        Vector artwork
•        Black & white only
•        CMYK value of 0/0/0/100 for the black parts

Can I use MOO raised spot gloss on both sides of my cards?

Yes, you can add raised spot gloss anywhere you’d like some shine on both sides of your glossy business cards.

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