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MOO Hardcover and Softcover Duo

The best of both worlds

1 Notebook Bundle CDN$ 38.00

Get your ideas down on your desk or on-the-go

They’re the perfect pair. A Hardcover Notebook for your desk (or bedside table for late night inspiration) and a Softcover Journal for when you’re on the move. Our Hardcover Notebook is bound to impress (literally) with lay-flat Swiss binding. And our Softcover Journal comes in two colors designed to match your Hardcover Notebook’s central pages. Our Hardcover and Softcover Notebook duo dimensions are 5.12” x 8.15”.

Choose your colour

Choose your page layout

2 open Notebooks: 1 Hardcover Notebook with cloth cover and ribbon and 1 Softcover Notebook with colored central seam

Your desk buddy. Your travel companion.

With the Hard & Softcover Duo you're never notebook-less. It includes our full-size Hardcover Notebook AND our on-the-go Softcover Journal. So you can get your ideas down wherever the day takes you.

1. Hardcover Notebook

  • 176 pages
  • Lay-flat Swiss binding
  • Tough cloth cover
  • 5.12” x 8.15”

2. Softcover Journal

  • 64 pages
  • Slim and light
  • 5.12” x 8.15”

Together they’ve got you covered

See how the Softcover Journal matches the colored middle pages of the Hardcover Notebook?

Charcoal Gray/Mint
Charcoal Gray/Mint

Charcoal Gray/Mint

  • 1x Charcoal Gray Hardcover Notebook with Mint Green central pages
  • 1x Mint Green Softcover Journal
  • Both with lined pages
Berry Red/Turquoise
Berry Red/Turquoise

Berry Red/Turquoise

  • 1x Berry Red Hardcover Notebook with Turquoise central pages
  • 1x Turquoise Softcover Journal
  • Both with lined pages

Hardcover Notebook and Journal inspiration

Turn into a planning wizard through the magic of our Hardback Notebooks.

Even more good stuff

FAQs – Hard & Softcover Duo

What colors does the notebook pack come in?

The Notebook and Journal come in a choice of two matching colors:

  • Charcoal Gray (Hardcover Notebook) and Mint (Softcover Journal)
  • Berry Red (Hardcover Notebook) and Turquoise (Softcover Journal)

How many pages does each notebook or journal contain?

What size are the two notebooks in the pack?

Both the Hardcover Notebooks and Softcover Journals in the Notebook pack are 5.12” x 8.15”.

What’s the paper quality of the Hard & Softcover Notebook Duo?

Our Journals and Notebooks are made with high quality paper that’s easy to write on and doesn’t yellow with age, with:

  • 4.5pt Munken Kristall paper for the main pages
  • 7pt G. F. Smith’s Colorplan paper for the center pages

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