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Water Bottles that stay cool all day. And never stop showing off your brand.

MOO Water Bottles

Keep things simple or make a splash with your very own design.

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Customize more MOO things

Right from the start, MOO’s been about quality, customizable products. First we did Business Cards, then Postcards. Next came Stickers, Notebooks, Face Masks and more. And today you can brand a whole range of useful things that are a joy to use. Just like the MOO Water Bottle.

Open an award winner

Our Water Bottle has won a 2022 Red Design Design Award. The jury were fans of the branding options and how it promotes “sustainable water bottles in the workplace”. But we’ll let you judge it for yourself.

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FAQs – Drinkware

What drinkware products do you do?

We do the MOO Water Bottle, our “24 hours cold” water bottle.

Do you do custom drinkware?

Yes! Anyone can customize the MOO Water Bottle. You can find out more here.

What’s the capacity of your water bottle?

The MOO Water Bottle is a 17oz bottle (or 500ml if you’re doing the metric thing).

What colors does your drinkware come in?

There are five colors to choose from: Jet Black, Midnight Blue, Cloudy Grey and Alpine Green.

Why does MOO do drinkware now?

We’ve always been about great quality custom products that help you work better. First with Business Cards, and now with water bottles.

What other accessories do you do?

You’ll find everything from Envelopes to Notebooks here.

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