Hands holding a yellow, blue & khaki letterhead on high-quality sheet of paper with branded footer


8.5" x 11" in your choice of two paper stocks

(Letter)head over heels

  • Professional Letterhead designs with added fizz
  • Create an army of business stationery
  • Take your attention to detail up a level
  • Totally safe for laser printers

Professional Letterhead paper stocks

Take your company Letterhead to the next level with incredibly premium paper stocks.

Original Letterhead paper
Original Letterhead paper

Original Letterhead paper

A 80lb high-quality stock with a silky finish. We chose it for the professional feel – and the fact it’s a printer’s favorite. Perfect for all your business Letterhead needs!

Luxe Letterhead paper
Luxe Letterhead paper

Luxe Letterhead paper

Beautiful, tactile and award-winning – Mohawk Superfine paper is an 80lb stock that feels as incredible as it looks for corporate Letterhead that stands out from the crowd.

Lots of variety in one pack

One pack, 50 Letterhead designs

Unique to MOO, Printfinity lets you print a different design (up to 50) on the back of every personalized Letterhead at no extra cost.

suite of stationery

Create a suite of business stationery

Add Letterhead to your stationery suite and leave your mark on every invoice, letter, contract and memo you send.

Short print runs

Short print runs

We offer print runs of just 50 Letterheads – print however much you need as you need it.

Double-sided colour

Double-sided color

Want to print in color on both sides of your company Letterhead? No problem. We’ll do it at no extra charge.

Unique Letterhead templates

Personalize our Letterhead templates with your logo, font and brand colors to create your very own Letterhead designs.

Browse MOO Letterhead Templates

Creative Letterhead inspiration

Font, logo... Create Letterhead your clients will remember with our expert design tips.

FAQs - Letterhead


What's MOO's Letterhead format?
Our business Letterhead format is 8.5" x 11".

What Letterhead paper stocks can I choose from?

  • Original high quality paper (80lb/6.2 pt)
  • Luxe Mohawk Superfine® paper (80lb/6.4pt)

How can I create Letterhead?

  • Use our unique Letterhead templates Customize a Letterhead design online
  • Upload your full Letterhead design

What's the recommended Letterhead format in pixels?
If you are uploading photography or non-vector artwork, make sure it is no less than 831 x 1071 pixels at 96dpi or ideally sized at 2598 x 3348 pixels at 300dpi. Download our Letterhead templates to make sure you get the size just right!


How can I make my Letterhead stand out?
Personalize your Letterhead with your logo, brand colors, font... Thanks to Printfinity, you can create up to 50 different Letterhead designs in a pack at no extra cost. The best way to stand out from the crowd!

How soon can I get my Letterhead delivered?
In as few as 9 business days.

Are there any other products available with Luxe paper apart from Letterhead?
Yes! The following products are available with Mohawk Superfine paper:

  • Luxe Business Card
  • Luxe MiniCard
  • Luxe Postcard
  • Luxe Notecard

Find all the MOO Luxe print products here >

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