Hand removing a small square sticker with rounded corners from a 6-sticker MOO Sticker Book with 6 different colorful designs



  • Each sticker is 0.86" x 0.86"
  • Get a pocket-sized book of postage stamp-sized stickers 
  • They’re scratch-proof and come in perforated sheets
  • Stick them on any unsuspecting object and ‘POW’ – instant branding
2 sticker books with 6 colorful square stickers each on mauve background
Mosaic of multicolored sticker sheets in various shapes and designs on a gray background

MOO Design Templates

Use our unique, modern design templates right out of the box or customize to suit your style.

Printfinity Makes Every Sticker Unique

Print a different image on every single sticker at no extra cost – up to 90 different designs in a pack.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’ll move heaven and earth to make you happy or your money back. It’s the MOO promise.

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Close-up of a MOO Sticker Book with colorful designs on each square sticker from the sheet

Amazing Flexibility

Choose a snazzy StickerBook design and color, or add your own logo for that personal touch.

6 sticker books with 6 small square stickers per sheet each and various sticker designs

Short Print Runs

We offer print runs of just 90 Stickers – print what you want as you need it.

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