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Packaging decorated with MOO stickers and labels

Nothing beats the joy of receiving a hotly-anticipated package in the mail – especially when it’s wrapped beautifully and totally Instagram-worthy!  

These 3 artists are sending their customer orders out in powered up packaging – and we’re in love! There’s Stickers galore, plus picture-perfect Postcards that act as gorgeous keepsakes – and that’s before you’ve even got past the wrapping. Get inspired and bag yourself some top tips for making your customers feel like kids on Christmas morning – at any time of year.

Laura Mitchell

Minneapolis based, Laura works full-time at a publishing house designing and art directing children’s books. Before getting into publishing, she worked in a contemporary art gallery and loved having the opportunity to work with artists from around the world. Laura now also works freelance as a designer and illustrator and has recently set up her own Etsy shop, selling her animal and abstract prints.

Laura’s hugely inspired by the other artists and illustrators she’s worked with in the past. As well as this, social media is also an excellent source of inspiration for Laura, with Instagram and Pinterest being her go-to: “I’m always impressed by the breadth of work out there. Just when you think you’ve seen every style of illustration, a new person pops up on your feed that’s so unique and refreshing!”

Laura Mitchell stickers

Laura has created Stickers and Business Cards using her own art – she wanted to create “branded materials” that she could include when packing up her prints, and thought they would be the “perfect platform” to showcase more of her art. Laura seals each of her illustrated prints with a Sticker: “I love how durable they are, they’re also the perfect size for including both a little illustration and my website address. All of my clients love them and comment on how the Stickers add the perfect touch to my packaging. Who doesn’t love a cute sticker?”

Create your own branded Stickers

Holly Young

Holly is an abstract artist living in Ontario, Canada. She’s always been a creative and artistic person – as a child, Holly loved drawing houses and re-decorating her bedroom. After graduating with a BFA from Brock University, Holly focused her studies on interior decorating. Now, Holly works from her home studio which allows her to paint at any time of the day, and also “refill her tea mug as often as needed.”

Holly has a passion for thrifting, mid-century design and vintage decor. She loves “exploring the city, flipping through the pages of a great design book or magazine and discovering new colour combinations.” Her paintings are inspired by her everyday surroundings and are often very spontaneous. Holly’s work is predominantly “characterized by texture and a sense of movement” – she’s fascinated by “aesthetics and exploring the visual interplay between form, space and color.”

Holly Young postcard in packaging

Holly has designed Business Cards and Postcards – she wanted to create a “personalized keepsake” to accompany her customer orders: “adding a Postcard to every order is a really easy way for me to add a pop of colour to my packaging. I’m able to write a thank you note on one side and then the Postcard can be displayed or framed as the customer likes. The cards are great quality – very sturdy and thick and the color shows an accurate representation of the painting itself. I can’t wait to run out of cards so I can print more designs!”

Surprise your customers with personalized Postcards

Art by Megan

Megan is the artist and owner behind Art by Megan – she’s an abstract painter and illustrator from Brooklyn, NY. Megan studied art at college but was hesitant about starting a career as a full time artist right off the bat. After graduating, Megan decided to pursue another passion of hers – languages – and decided to dedicate her time and energy to teaching Spanish and art. As time passed, Megan’s painting ‘hobby’ became something she was doing every single day on the side and so, 2 years ago, Megan took the plunge and decided to go full-time with her art.

Megan’s work reflects an “an attitude of experimentation and a curiosity regarding the beauty created by the transparency and overlapping of ideas.” She’s inspired by waterscapes, sunsets, bright colors in nature, and the silhouettes created by extreme light or darkness. Megan loves collecting memories – whether it’s a beach scene, beautiful flowers in a tote bag on the subway, or a simple moment walking in nature – and turning them into paintings.

Art by Megan sticker on packaging

Megan has created Stickers to “liven up” her packaging, “adding a punch of color” to her craft paper and twine wrapping. As well as popping a Sticker onto each parcel, Megan loves to send a thank you Postcard to each customer. She’s also created Business Cards: “people freak out when they see my cards and always fight over which painting they want. Someone even asked me if the Business Cards were for sale once! I love that they’re conversation starters and they really help people with product and brand recognition too. It’s fun to surprise clients with something special and my Business Cards, Postcards and Stickers have done just that!”

Liven up your packaging with Stickers

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