Meet your new team   

Say hello to account, customer and design services with a MOO business plan.     

The Managed Services team at MOO

What do these MOOsters all have in common? Yes, they’re working it in front of the camera but they’re also all part of MOO’s managed services team! Whether you’re starting out or scaling up, they can help take your brand to the next level. Your mission is their mission. 

Join us as we introduce Robert (account services), Georgiana (customer services) and Alejandra (design services). Who knows, if you have a MOO business plan, they could be part of your next project!  

Getting to know them…

Meet Robert from our Account Services team

Robert’s been an account executive at MOO for nearly two and a half years. He works with new business to ensure onboarding is done correctly. Robert liaises with the design services team to make sure every customer has the best journey from start to finish. 

Robert: “I feel like I’ve got a bit of a natural flair when I’m talking to people. I have that confidence because I know that MOO’s got a great product”. 

Meet Didi from our Customer Services team

Georgiana has worked in MOO’s customer services department for almost two years.  

Georgiana: “Essentially I’m dealing with customer inquiries but it’s much more than that for me! I never follow a script. When I speak with customers, I try to be as genuine and friendly as possible to find solutions together”.

Meet Alejandra from our Design Services team

Alejandra has been at MOO for a decade. She began in customer services and later trained to become an artworker in customer services before joining the design services team.   

Alejandra: “I’m not sure whether I found MOO, or MOO found me!”    

Uncovering their MOO magic    

When we spoke to our MOOsters about their standout attributes that they give with a MOO business plan; they weren’t shy about coming forward with their answers:    

Robert: “It’s about using my knowledge on projects to advise what’s worked well in the past and what hasn’t. However, I give customers that chance to speak about what they want, as opposed to just jumping in and providing solutions”.

Georgiana: “Human interaction. People still want to shop online but they want the in-store experience. And that’s why I am here for them. There’s customers that come back to me and remember my name!” 

Alejandra: “I know what bad design can do to a business, it can kill it. Being able to provide a really rich level of support in this space feels great. I always want to provide the best option of how a customer’s idea might work with MOO’s products, processes and design”.  

MOO business plan faves

The Managed services team at MOO

There’s so many benefits when it comes to a MOO business plan however this team picked their faves with aplomb.

For Robert it was all about custom samples to give you a look and feel of what your brand could be. Georgiana opted for exclusive custom products, special prices and design knowledge. 

Alejandra commented “Having the design service available to make any amends or changes that the customer needs to their design is the biggest bonus of having an account with MOO. Also our tailored templates are incredible, there’s so many options for customers. It’s less work they have to do at their end – as we’re here to do it for them!”

Brushing shoulders with brands  

We’ve got some remarkable brands that we work with at MOO. From start-ups, challengers and world-renowned names, we’ve got them all. Get ready for some name drops from our managed services team. 

Georgiana has worked with the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster and steamer – ITV. And Alex comments “We did a big Water Bottle project with Google a year or so again, the design team made these from scratch”.    

These are a few of our favorite (MOO) things 

Obviously, we couldn’t have a Q&A without asking the team what their favorite MOO products are and why. 

Robert: “Postcards with special finishes, they’re really sleek. I love how clients repurpose them, they look beautiful”.   

Georgiana: “Definitely has to be the Water Bottle, it’s so minimalistic and looks so nice with the colorways. Everybody literally sees my bottle and they all want one”. 

Alejandra: “Notebooks are my favorite for sure. I’m obsessed with stationery. They’re so beautiful, the way they open and stay open!”  

Proud to be MOO 

The team on set for their photoshoot at MOO Camden

To conclude our chat, we wanted to get to the heart of our MOO managed services team. We asked them what makes them proud to be MOO: 

Robert: “Outside of my day job, it’s the culture side of MOO I love being part of. I feel proud to work for a business that gives back to its employees”.

Georgiana: “MOO is a company that’s very people focused. They’re always happy to accommodate staff and find solutions for a work/life balance”.   

Alejandra’s story is an interesting one as we touched on earlier. Alex didn’t come from a design background but with MOO’s support, time and training her title changed. 

Alex: “The moment I finally made it as an ‘artworker’ was so important to me and that’s definitely thanks to MOO”.

Whether you’re a fresh start-up or a huge global name, our MOO business plans are here to support you. You can choose from our Business Boost, Business Advanced, or Reseller plans. If you want more advice on what business plan is best for you click here or simply fill in our short form below and we’ll be in touch.

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