It's hard to find environmentally friendly printing solutions that also look fantastic, but why should you compromise? Photographer Simon Warren wanted to show off his work to the highest standard, without compromising his personal stance on carbon neutrality - so our 100% recycled Business Cards were the perfect solution.

About Simon Warren

Simon Warren is one of the UK's best-known location photographers. His interior and exterior photos of some of the world's greatest architectural designs are much in demand by magazine editors, publicists and architects themselves.

The first photographer to shoot the now famous Burj al Arab Hotel in Dubai, his breathtaking photos were used on a 48 sheet poster for Emirates Airlines, and can now be seen in advertising books and magazines all over the world.

Photographic Business Cards

Simon decided to use MOO Business Cards for two reasons. The first was that they are so well suited to displaying a portfolio of photographic work. Whenever he meets contacts and new clients, he can fan out a selection of cards and in that single gesture, show the quality of his work.

Thinking Green too

Simon is also keenly aware of the environmental impact of his work. Despite working all over the world, he endeavours to be as carbon neutral as possible. He was drawn to our Green paper, which is 100% recycled, chlorine free, biodegradable and manufactured using wind-power. Even the box is made of 100% recycled pulp.

Simon gets to have his cake and eat it: he can display his work in a form that's large enough to showcase his skill as a photographer, but small enough to tuck into a pocket or a camera bag, and green enough to maintain his own ethical standards.

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