• By Matthew Davies, MOO.com
  • 30 Oct 2015

Matthew Davies is an Author, Speaker and Consultant in Learning and Development. He is a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute and works with major corporate clients around the world, including MOO.com. This is the sixth series of six blog posts in which he teaches teach us how to work the room so effectively, you’ll get holes in your shoes.

I’m just as bad as anyone else when it comes to remembering names. I can ask and by the time you’ve told me I’ve already forgotten. However, if I take my own advice I don’t forget so remember to use these five tips and you’ll ace this tricky aspect of networking.

1. Find a trigger

When you find out their name, consciously commit to remembering it. As you ask their name or read their badge mindfully think to yourself to commit it to memory. Or you could find a trigger, for example what they are wearing or their hairstyle. If you’re talking to someone called Bill who’s wearing a blazer, think – Bill Blazer.

2. Spell it out

Another way is to ask how they spell their name. You could tell your new found friend a story about someone you know with the same name as theirs or, in your mind, associate them with someone famous with the same name.

3. Say it out loud

People love to hear their own name said out loud. So repeat it. They’ll like you more and you’ll have a better chance of remembering it.

4. Exchange cards

There’s also a business cards etiquette that should be adhered to. By all means ask for a business card but don’t thrust yours in front of others until asked. Usually they’ll ask for yours when you’ve asked for theirs.

5. Memo-rise it

Another tip is to write memo notes on their business cards so you remember them better and next time you contact them or meet, you’ll be able to refer to the conversation you previously had in more detail. Always a winner!

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Written by Matthew Davies

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