Soft florals

Australian independent design label Megsy-Jane has been blooming since 2011 and we just love they way they are showcasing delicate floral illustrations across their MOO cards. Founded by designer Kelsey Price, the brand specializes in creating statement flower crowns and headpieces that aim to “add colour in a sea of grey”.

Soft to the touch

Not one to be influenced by frivolous fashion trends, Kelsey describes the Megsy-Jane girl as “feminine, quirky and bold, with a taste for the elegant”. So what better way to attract the ‘Megsy-Jane girl’ than cards that are as soft as the petals on them? Kelsey used our new soft touch finish across her business cards as they really added a tactile quality to the cards and fitted with the floral illustrations she had created.

The new cards add another quality to the designs, it’s no longer just about the way they look, but about how they feel and that’s what Megsy-Jane is all about. See how our Super Business Cards for a Soft Touch finish can give your cards a softer edge over the competition.

Written on:
21 Aug 2015
Business Card Ideas, Fashion Ideas
  • Kelsey Price
  • Kelsey Price
  • Kelsey Price
  • Kelsey Price
  • Kelsey Price
  • Kelsey Price
  • Kelsey Price
  • Kelsey Price

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