Pocket Piano

Double-sided Business Cards

Professional pianists, keyboardists, piano teachers and classical music lovers will appreciate the minimalism-meets-complexity of this black and white Business card – it’s a really simple and direct way of letting new clients know where your focus is, with the added fun of a miniature craft project built in!

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I wanted to make an interactive card that would really resonate long after it's given and what better than a mini-art project? This is really easy to fold and shape into (what else?) a mini piano following the foolproof instructions. It's fun, and there's no way you'll forget who gave it to you.

About the designer

Snow Powers is a graduate of the prestigious Washington University in St. Louis, where she gained degrees in Communication Design and Marketing. Her particular interests lie in integrating typography with illustration. Before joining MOO, Snow spearheaded a visual marketing campaign for Local Harvest Cafe in St. Louis.

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