Cool Blue Tresses

Double-sided Business Cards

A great hairstyle can really define who you are, and how people see you. Which is why a hairdresser or hair stylist needs a Business Card that celebrates the intrinsic beauty, grace and texture of hair in all its glory. These simple graphics are eye catching, and make a striking point.

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A great hairstyle is all anyone wants when they go into a salon. I was inspired by flat graphic, art deco shapes that flow into the space of the cards from the edges, and wanted to have fun displaying all the different types of textures possible with minimal color.

About the designer

Snow Powers is a graduate of the prestigious Washington University in St. Louis, where she gained degrees in Communication Design and Marketing. Her particular interests lie in integrating typography with illustration. Before joining MOO, Snow spearheaded a visual marketing campaign for Local Harvest Cafe in St. Louis.

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