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Optician, dentist, doctor – how about Business Cards that double as stylish, modern Appointment Cards? That way, when you remind clients they’ll have to come back again, at least they won’t mind the way it looks. And it’ll certainly stand out in their wallets!

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I wanted to create an appointment card that felt a little less everyday than the usual. All designers love CMKY and Helvetica – it’s a fact! And when you use them it just lends a feel that’s a little bit alternative, and unique (which pretty much contradicts itself if everyone’s using them – but I don’t make the rules!).

About the designer

Stephen Turner is a graphic/product designer who grew up in Kent, and graduated from London's Brunel University with a BA in Industrial Design. Steve has a particular interest in brands, and loves everything minimal. When not at a computer, he’ll be playing sport (until injured, probably).

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