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Creative crafter, Tamar, sells her work online, via Etsy, and traditional 'bricks and mortar' shops. Previously working as a Creative Director, Style Editor and Photo Stylist she packed up her big city life to head for the country, and chance to develop her own colourful line of accessories for women, children and the home.

As you'd expect from someone with such strong creative credentials, her work has developed into something wonderful. A mix of vintage florals, colourful jewellery and delicate fabrics, it evokes feelings of warm spring sunshine, lemonade in the garden, and crisp white cotton.

It's all about the anticipation

Buying items online is so different to the traditional shopping experience. There's the agonising wait from clicking the 'buy' button to the sound of the postman arriving at your door. The anticipation as you rip open open the box or the envelope to find out what's inside.

As an online retailer, Tamar works hard on the opening experience of her packages. It's a chance to bring a little bit of her creative magic into your hands and your home.

Marketing? I'll keep it!

She uses MOO to help create a branded package surprise and delight. Simple, cost effective ideas that add personality, and have a lasting effect - like these beaded tags.

With her photography on one side and her shop's details on the other, these MiniCards are stylish and colourful. Punching a small hole in the corner gives the option of adding string or twine to create a gift tag, but Tamar has taken this even further, and decorated each tag with a brightly coloured bead.

Instantly, the MiniCards are turned from a pretty piece of marketing, into a little treasure to keep - for who could throw away such a delicate little thing! Used as bookmarks, pinned on a noticeboard, tucked away in scrapbooks or sewing boxes… however people keep them, they're storing a little reminder of Tamar and how to get back to her shop. It's a simple piece of marketing that people love.

Not strictly business

But it's not all work, work, work! We think this idea would be great for any special package, whether it's for business or pleasure.

Getting married soon? Create simple wedding favours or save the dates by printing MiniCards with a collection of your own photos, adding your wedding details to the reverse. Take inspiration from Tamar, and tie three or four cards together to create mini-photo albums.

Or perhaps you create handmade gifts for friends and loved ones? It's easy to create these tags as you need them - so there's less of a storage problem! With 100 MiniCards in each box, that's a lot of beautifully packaged gifts to share.

Thanks to Tamar at Nest Pretty Things for sharing this idea with us!

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18 Jun 2013
MiniCards, Marketing, Crafting, Retail, Fashion, Printfinity
  • Tamar uses beaded MiniCards as gorgeous tags on her products

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