How to print your team’s event to life

Discover five ways to bring your team event to life.

Posters and Business Cards can be great options for team events.

Work’s more than simply a place where we get work done. It’s a social space where we connect with different people, all doing very different things. So it makes sense to create events that bring all those people together and keep everyone motivated. It can be a lunchtime run club, an after-work games night or something bigger, like a wellness event for the whole company – with activities planned throughout the day. 

But how do you let everyone know what’s happening? How do you keep everything on brand? And how do you bring it all to life? The answer is print, print and also print. Because print lets you break through the noise of Slack and email, and gives everyone a screen break. That way the focus is on human interaction, with no distractions. And if you’re not sure where to start, try these ideas…



The obvious place to start. Sure, you could send out an email telling everyone what’s happening. But let’s face it, most people’s inboxes are pretty busy, so your message could land in the spam folder. A printed Invitation delivered on their desk, though? That’s a different story. Much harder to ignore and just makes the event feel more… eventful.


Another great way to create a buzz. Put them up around your office, and no-one’s going to forget what’s happening. Posters also make things feel more “official” and bring your brand’s personality to blank walls and windows. And with Printfinity, you can make every MOO Poster unique, to showcase all those activities you’ve got planned. 

Welcome packs

Starter pack.

So, the big day (or week) has arrived. How do you get people in the mood to mingle and get involved? A welcome pack can work wonders, and you can fill it with anything you like. We’d suggest a mix of little things like Stickers and Postcards, plus one or two gifts to remember the day by, like a custom Water Bottle or special edition Notebook


If you’re making a day of it, there’s a good chance you’ll be serving up some food at some point. And whether it’s a few cupcakes or a three-course meal, a menu’s always a good idea. It means you can flag gluten free options and get poetic about pasta – in a way that feels on-brand and bespoke.

Thank you cards

Just like an Invitation sets the tone for what’s to come, a thank you card should feel memorable: a reminder of what the day was all about. Using a proper Greeting Card helps a lot here, because you can combine a printed design with a handwritten message. And with a MOO business plan you can even add Gold or Silver Foil for extra impact.

Postcard to bring your run club to life.

So there are just a few things you can try, but if you’ve got more ideas, don’t let us stop you. And if you’re thinking, “That’s a lot of print to create, when am I going to design it all?” our in-house Design Services team have got you covered. They’ll help you bring it all to life – so you can focus on the main event. To get started, just fill in the form below.

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