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Four C5 Envelopes on display
Pick and choose
Pick and choose

For A5 Postcards, A5 Flyers and A5 Invitations

C5 White Envelopes

229 x 162mm - Made from premium paper

25 Envelopes from £9.00 (£7.50 ex. VAT)

A5? Meet your match

Want to post your Flyers or Postcards? Give them some extra protection or add an element of surprise with these Envelopes.

  • Made with premium paper
  • Your choice of white and white Luxe
  • For A5 Postcards, A5 Flyers and A5 Invitations

Choose your size

Choose your colour

Choose your envelope flap

Quantity Price per Envelope Pack price
25 £0.30 £9.00
50 £0.30 £18.00
75 £0.30 £27.00
100 £0.30 £36.00
125 £0.30 £45.00
150 £0.30 £54.00
175 £0.30 £63.00
200 £0.30 £72.00
225 £0.30 £81.00
250 £0.30 £90.00
500 £0.30 £180.00
750 £0.30 £270.00
2500 £0.30 £900.00
For more pricing info, see our Shipping and Cost Calculator.
Pick and choose
Pick and choose

For A5 Postcards, A5 Flyers and A5 Invitations

The Vital Stats

Size 229mm x 162mm
Pack size 25 Envelopes
MOO Product C5 Envelopes
Colours White, White Luxe
For more quantities and pricing visit our Shipping and Cost Calculator.
Perfect for sending all your print products

Our envelopes are made from the highest quality paper. So when you’re finished making beautiful print products, you know that there’s an equally high quality envelope to send them in. It’s the perfect combination (like apple pie and ice cream).

Envelopes – inspiration

Looking to get creative with Envelopes? (Yes, it’s possible!) Give these tips a go.

Even More Good Stuff

FAQs - C5 Envelopes

How many Envelopes does one pack hold?

Each pack contains 25 high quality Envelopes.

How much do MOO Envelopes cost?

The Envelope price will vary depending on the type of Envelopes you pick. Get an accurate quote in seconds for your business's Envelopes with our online cost calculator.

What are the available styles for my Envelopes?

From standard to fancy Envelopes, we have options to suit your style.

  • White Envelopes (all sizes)
  • White Luxe Envelopes (all sizes)
  • Coloured Envelopes (small and medium)
  • ColourSplash Envelopes (small and medium)
  • PatternSplash Envelopes (small and medium)

What paper stocks do Envelopes come in?

Paper stocks depend on the style you choose. The paper stock for White, ColourSplash, PatternSplash, Silver, and Gold Envelopes is 80 lb. It's 70 lb for Red and Kraft Envelopes, and 100 lb for our White Luxe Envelopes.

Are MOO Envelopes customisable?

Custom Envelopes are available as part of our plans with MOO Business Services.

What's the size of a C5 Envelope?

C5 Envelopes are 229 x 162mm.

What can I use C5 Envelopes for?

They're perfect for your A5 Postcards, A5 Flyers and A5 Invitations – or an A4 print folded in half.

What does C5 mean?

C5 is an international standard for envelope sizes which fits any A5 print. Think of it as an A5 Envelope!

Do C5 Envelopes have a straight or diamond flap?

Both! They're available with a diamond flap for a classic look or a straight flap to play it more modern.

What styles can I choose from?

C5 Envelopes are available in White and White Luxe.

What other Envelope sizes do you offer?

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