Luxe Notecards

105mm x 148mm | 600gsm paper.
Beautifully textured and thick. With free envelopes included.

10 notecard £23.99 (£19.99 ex. VAT)

Extra-thoughtful personalised note cards

Our extra-thick Luxe Notecards are made from archival-quality Mohawk Superfine paper. With its beautiful formation and uniformity, nothing prints better – and it means they’re a pleasure to write on. Guaranteed to make your business thank you notes mean more.

  • Uncoated, naturally textured Mohawk Superfine paper.
  • Your choice of 8 coloured note card seams.
  • 600gsm paper, double thickness for extra impact.

Choose your paper

Choose your coating

Choose your seam colour

Choose your corners

Quantity Price per notecard Pack price
10 £2.00 £23.99
20 £2.00 £47.98
30 £2.00 £71.96
40 £2.00 £95.95
50 £1.70 £101.99
100 £1.15 £138.00
150 £1.00 £179.96
200 £0.90 £215.95
250 £0.84 £251.94
300 £0.80 £287.93
400 £0.80 £383.90
500 £0.80 £479.88
750 £0.80 £719.82
1000 £0.80 £959.76
1250 £0.80 £1199.70
1500 £0.80 £1439.64
2000 £0.80 £1919.52
For more pricing info, see our Shipping and Cost Calculator.

Create your note cards online

Make your very own personalised note cards with our unique, customisable designs. Match the colour seam with your design to take your business thank you notes to the next level.

Browse unique note card designs

Hello, colour!

Add a pop of colour right down the middle with a coloured note card seam. (Or you can keep it minimalist and white.)

Unique note card inspiration

Discover our favourite designs, inspiring customer stories and tips to develop your business with note cards.

FAQs – Luxe Notecards

What size are your personalised note cards?

Our custom note cards are 105 x 148mm.

Which note card seam colours do you offer?

We offer a choice of 8 seam options to add a colourful edge to your custom note cards:

  • Raven Black
  • Chilli Red
  • Ocean Blue
  • Polar White
  • Forest Green
  • Sunny Yellow
  • Tiger Orange
  • Neon Pink

What paper stock are MOO's custom note cards made from?

MOO's luxurious business note cards are made with 600gsm Mohawk Superfine paper for quality you can see and feel.

I'd like to design my own note cards. How can I do that?

  • Use our unique note card design templates
  • Customise a note card design online
  • Upload your full note card design

What should I put on my business note cards?

It's customary to add your address, email and phone number as well as your logo on note cards. Use our customisable business note card templates to get inspired!

How soon can you print my note cards?

Thanks to our fast, high-quality printing service, you can receive your note cards with envelopes in as few as 2 business days.

Why choose MOO note cards?

Great for writing messages on, our premium blank note cards make your invites and thank-yous extra personal. Plus, they come with free envelopes.

Apart from note cards, are there any other MOO products available with Luxe paper?

We offer the following products with high-quality Mohawk Superfine paper:

Find them all here.

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