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MOO Softcover Journal

The perfect travel companion

1 Softcover Journal £8.00 (£6.67 ex. VAT)

A lightweight Journal for wherever your mind wanders

Hold that thought. Our light, flexible Softcover Journal goes with you anywhere, so you’ll never forget an idea again. Just stash it in your bag so it’s always on hand for those aha! lightbulb moments. Choose from lined or dotted paper and six colours, so there’s a hue to suit you. Our Softcover Notebook dimensions are 130 x 207 mm.

Choose your page count

Choose your colour

Choose your page layout

Open lightweight Notebook with soft cover, Munken Kristall paper and coloured central seam

Goes wherever your thoughts travel

Light and bendy – but still full of premium details – the Softcover Journal is your on-the-go notebook.

1. Soft cover
2. 100gsm Munken Kristall paper (lined or dotted)
3. G . F Smith Colorplan paper (blank)



Slim and bendy enough to fit in overstuffed bags. You’ll never have to think twice about packing it.

Comes in six colours
Comes in six colours

Comes in six colours

Designed to match your Hardcover Notebook’s central pages. (They really do make the perfect pair.)

Fine quality paper
Fine quality paper

Fine quality paper

60 pages of Munken Kristall for smooth scribbling. And 4 pages of G. F. Smith’s Colorplan in the middle. All thoughtfully sewn together.

Lined or dotted
Lined or dotted

Lined or dotted

Whether you like to write, draw or freestyle, you can choose a page format that matches the way you work.

Softcover Journal inspiration

MOO Softcover Journals are the perfect travel buddy to take anywhere your ideas go. For inspiration, here’s some ways for making the most out of your Notebooks and Journals.

Even more good stuff

FAQs – Softcover Journals

What makes MOO’s softcover notebooks and journals so special?

  • Smooth, non-glare writing surface
  • Centre-sewn binding
  • Blank middle section for notes or doodles
  • Choice of lined, blank or dotted grid pages
  • Rounded corners (no more dog-eared corners)

What page options are available for Softcover Journal?

  • Softcover lined notebook
  • Softcover dot grid notebook

What’s the paper quality of your softcover notebooks?

Softcover Journals (and Notebooks) contain:

  • 60 pages of 100gsm Munken Kristall paper
  • 4 pages of 135gsm Colorplan paper

What size are Softcover Journals?

Our softcover notebooks are 130 x 207 mm. They’re an ultra-light, go-anywhere notebooky option.

Can I customise your softcover notebooks?

Absolutely. Check out our Custom Softcover Journals to create a unique, lightweight notebook.

What colours does the Softcover Journal come in?

You can choose from six Softcover Notebook colours:

  • Mint Green
  • Tan
  • Lavender
  • Steel Blue
  • Pastel Pink
  • Turquoise

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