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Medium Postcards

127mm x 177.8mm – in your choice of 3 paper stocks

25 postcards from £18.00 (£15.00 ex. VAT)

Anything but average

  • Great for high impact imagery, designs and typography
  • Double-sided, full colour medium size Postcards
  • Up to 25 different designs on each Medium Postcard for FREE
  • 127mm x 177.8mm
  • In your choice of 3 high quality paper stocks
  • Available with a Gold or Silver Foil finish

Choose your size

Choose your paper

Choose your coating

Choose your finish

Choose your seam colour

Choose your corners

Choose your special finish

Quantity Price per postcard Pack price
25 £0.60 £18.00
50 £0.48 £29.00
100 £0.41 £49.00
250 £0.33 £99.00
500 £0.28 £169.00
1000 £0.24 £289.00
2500 £0.19 £579.00
5000 £0.17 £995.00
10000 £0.14 £1715.00
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Free sample

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variants of shape, paper stock & finishes for free.

Medium Postcard paper stocks

Our Medium Postcard paper stocks go from premium to extra-fancy.

Original (finish on both sides) Matte Medium Postcards
Original Medium Postcards

25 postcards from £18.00 (£15.00 ex. VAT)

  • 330-350gsm
  • Our “feel good” premium paper
  • Available with a matte (1) or gloss (2) coating
  • With a coating on one side – or both
Super (finish on one side) Soft Touch Medium Postcards
Super Medium Postcards

25 postcards from £27.00 (£22.50 ex. VAT)

  • 380gsm
  • Impressively strong and durable
  • Silky, Soft Touch coating
  • With a coating on one side – or both
  • Add shiny Gold or Silver Foil
Luxe Black Medium Postcards
Luxe Medium Postcards

25 postcards from £51.00 (£42.50 ex. VAT)

  • 600gsm
  • Extra-thick Mohawk Superfine® paper
  • Choice of 8 eye-catching colour seams
  • Uncoated and naturally textured
  • Delicious
  • Chocolatey
  • Mmm…

Medium Postcards - Inspiration

Get some big ideas, brand inspiration and tips to grow your business with Medium Postcards.

Even more good stuff

FAQs - Medium Postcards

What other Postcard sizes do you offer?

How fast is the delivery on Medium Postcards?

It depends on paper and size you select. It can be as fast as two days depending on your region.

What's the Medium Postcard size in millimeters?

127mm x 177.8mm.

What's the Medium Postcard size in inches?

5” x 7”.

How can I design my Medium Postcards?

  • Use our Medium Postcard templates
  • Customise a blank design
  • Upload a complete Postcard design

Why use MOO to print my Medium Postcards?

As well as a fast and easy way to print your Medium Postcards, we offer in-house design services and customisable templates - to help you control your brand’s identity. Plus you’ll save money with our business-level pricing.
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