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Hello Recruiters

Thanks for your interest in working with MOO. Talent is key to every great business and finding the right people for our business is a top priority for us.

We work with a select group of agencies and individuals, and we're very happy with the work they've done for us to date.

We operate 4 strict rules in dealing with recruiters, please read them carefully:

1. We only work with people we know. If you don't know us, ask someone who does for a personal introduction to us.
2. 100% of our agency selection is pro-active on our part. See rule 1.
3. Don't call us, we'll call you. If you place an unsolicited call to me or anyone on my team we won't work with you or your agency. Send us an email, we promise to read it.
4. No answer is, actually, an answer. If we don't get back to you it's because we're not interested.

Our email address for recruiters is, please use this and nothing else.


Richard Moross
Founder and Chief Executive