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What is Printfinity?

The brilliant MOO invention that lets you print a different design on Business Cards, Postcards, Flyers, Stickers and more. Choose between 10 and 90 different designs per pack (depending on the product you order). It’s a real conversation starter that means you can carry your portfolio in your pocket, show off your favourite products and help people remember your business.

How does Printfinity work?

Printfinity from MOO

Printfinity is free, easy and fun!

There are two ways to print multiple images in one pack:

Option one: Upload your own artwork, design or photography with the help of our handy guidelines.

Option two: Choose a MOO design pack featuring a collection of complimentary designs! Then all you need to do is personalise the reverse with your details.

Want to get started? Great! You can use Printfinity on all of our products - from Business Cards to Stickers.

Printfinity and you

Printfinity in action

Personalise your product:

With independent fashion label Wool and the Gang, every item of clothing is unique. That’s why they include an equally unique Postcard that tells buyers all about who handcrafted the piece they’ve bought – a little detail that gives their packages a personal touch.

Wool and the Gang

Create something unique:

Creating a set of Business Cards or MiniCards that encourage a little interactivity can make all the difference when it comes to networking. Arachnid Labs' MiniCards let you build your own robot from a set of heads, bodies and legs – a creative way to ensure their MiniCard is worth keeping.

Arachnid Labs

A little reminder:

Househunting can be a confusing time, especially when viewing lots of homes. Real estate agents the Ramage Group leave their clients with a MiniCard featuring the property they’ve just
visited - a handy little reminder to share with friends and family!

Ramage Group Find out more in our ideas section