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What’s the appeal of having your logo on stickers? Well, for one thing, you can pretty much put them anywhere, which makes guerilla marketing or putting your logo on a package a breeze.

How can I promote my business logo with stickers?

- Got a logo? Stick it on a sticker! Print all three different sticker sizes with your logo, and brand your products by sticking your logo anywhere and everywhere – packaging, promotional materials, your Business Cards or MiniCards. Or you can go further afield – stick your logo on lampposts, windows, or even brick walls (they’re seriously sticky!)

- Artist or illustrators can print your work (and your signature) onto StickerBooks and Round Stickers (remember, with Printfinity you can have a different image on every sticker) and hand them out as gifts to prospective clients, include them in client packages, or leave them in café’s or galleries – just remember to include your contact details!

- Sending out gifts or packages for your business? Seal with a branded Mailing Label sticker – remember, it’s the little details that make the biggest impact.

- With the option of a different image on every single sticker, you can promote all your products by having a sticky portfolio in your pocket at all times. This way, you can emphasise different aspects of your business, or change up the colours of your logo for variety.

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18 jun 2013
Adhesivos, Marketing, Company Logo
  • Logoadhesivos para empresas
  • Logoadhesivos para empresas
  • Logoadhesivos para empresas
  • Logoadhesivos para empresas

Create your own Business Logo Stickers

  • Sube tus imágenes These can be photos or full artwork. Alternatively import images from Flickr, Facebook or Etsy.
  • Añade texto o cambiar el diseño de tu adhesivo/etiqueta Añade texto a tus adhesivos o etiquetas cambiando el diseño del paquete.
  • ¡Crea tus adhesivos o etiquetas! In no time at all have amazing stickers and labels to use and share!
  • Start making now

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