Haus und Garten


Invite your clients to cross the threshold and come into your properties for a look around. This MiniCard design shows the inside and outside view at the same time, with your welcoming face and details on the back. So it’s not just the house, but the full package too.

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This card is all in one! Most of the time, MiniCards just don’t give you enough room to show everything you want to show. With this design, you can show an exterior and interior shot at the same time, and still upload a photo of yourself so that people will remember who you are.

Über die Designer

Dieses Design ist das Produkt des MOO Design Teams. Jeder unserer Designer hat einerseits seinen eigenen Stil, andererseits arbeiten unsere kreativen Köpfe auch großartig als Team zusammen. Wir geben einfach ein Thema vor und unsere Designer verarbeiten unsere Ideen zu wunderschönen Karten-Designs.

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