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Simple on the back, with the option to upload your chosen image on the front. It’s a classic template that works for any business. Here, it’s a doctor, but the simplicity is attention grabbing and striking for any profession (or professional!).

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I really love Swiss minimalism so I was kind of inspired by a whole bunch of typography masters, including the great Saul Bass. With this type of thing, it’s really heroing a “less is more” aesthetic, and I chose a really bold typeset for the initials. And perhaps this is just me being pretentious, but I do love the black against the vast white space, it feels reminiscent of the alps!

Über die Designerin

Designer und Art Director Matt Avery wuchs in Essex auf und lebt heute im Osten Londons. Wenn er nicht seiner Arbeit bei MOO nachgeht, macht er oft Musik mit seiner Band Kindness oder versucht, seine Drum-Machine in Gang zu setzen. Er hat einen Hass gegen Kroko-Schuhe.

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