Marble Marvel


The colourful, marble-like swirls hark back to 18th Century design – so they’re ideal for those who like a traditional, decorative approach. Couple that with the simple reverse and you’re bound to create a solid first impression.

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In the 18th Century, paper marbling was used to replicate the texture and pattern of expensive materials like marble, gold or fabric. So this design is the perfect way to add an elegant touch to your communications. I wanted to keep the detail side of the card really plain and simple so that your contact details really stood out against the patterns.

Über die Designerin

Dieses Design ist das Produkt des MOO Design Teams. Jeder unserer Designer hat einerseits seinen eigenen Stil, andererseits arbeiten unsere kreativen Köpfe auch großartig als Team zusammen. Wir geben einfach ein Thema vor und unsere Designer verarbeiten unsere Ideen zu wunderschönen Karten-Designs.

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