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Sometimes, life would be a little bit easier on the eye if everything were slightly pixelated. These oversized pixelated Business Cards tap into a visual desire for large blocks of colour, and suit anyone from designers, to freelancers to business owners.

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I always liked those games you play with pixelated images, where you try and guess who, what or where, or try and identify the pixilated object. So I amalgamated my love of pixelation with bright colours, influenced by the original colour lover Paul Klee.

Über die Designerin

Chris Baron machte 2005 seinen Bachelor-Abschluss in Multimedia-Design an der Universität in Southampton. Er war in vielen kreativen Bereichen in der Verpackungs-, Druck- und Filmbranche tätig, darunter auch bei Projekten für die BBC und Guerilla Creative Production. Er lässt sich von urbanen Landschaften inspirieren, sowie von Designpionieren wie Saul Bass.

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